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The Team

Welcome to our team page. All our members bring with them a specific skill or interest for investigating claims of paranormal activity. Each team member also carries a certain responsibility in order to help the group run smoothly and professionally. We are all extremely proud to be members of MPI and will continue to look for answers to paranormal situations in a professional and scientific manner.


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Mark Cave - Chairman, Lead Coordinator, Technical team, Action Committee member & Founder member


Mark is the original founder member of Midland Paranormal Investigations and is responsible for the overall running of the team. He has built a professional, voluntary group of dedicated paranormal investigators, which has been growing from strength to strength in recent years and continues to do so.



Myron Cave - Senior Investigator, Action Committee member & Founder member


Myron, is a founder member of MPI and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investigating the paranormal. Myron can been seen leading the investigative groups at most investigations that we undertake. He is also a member of the action committee.



Tim Carloss - Locations Manager, Action Committee member & Senior Investigator


Tim is a long serving member and is our locations manager, he manages some of the team members who deal with new & present locations for the team to investigate. Tim is also involved with our action committee where we discuss up and coming events or items that may affect our team and how it runs.



Jean Gibbs - Group Secretary, Researcher / Historian & Investigator


Jean is the group secretary, she is busy producing our monthly news letter and dealing with the admin side of things. Jean is also our dedicated researcher / historian, she is responsible for finding out as much as possible about the locations we visit and cataloguing all information found.



Peter Hunt - Photographic/Video analyst, Technical team, Action Committee member, Investigator


Peter is a qualified professional photographer. He is responsible for analysing our photographic and video media and advising on new capture technology. He is also a member of the technical team, helping with the teams IT issues and web site maintenance. Peter is also responsible for finding new locations to investigate in the South Birmingham area.

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Micky Pratt - First aid officer, Health & Safety Officer & Investigator


Micky is our currently our first aid officer and also looks after the well being of our team during investigations, to ensure the safety of the team and that of the public in the vicinity where we are investigating.



Simon Hodge - Technical Manager, Action Committee member & Investigator


Simon is also a long standing member of MPI, his background is IT and his role is to oversee our technical issues within the group, Simon is also our technical advisor on location using other members of the technical team to help install and run our equipment.



Dean Farley - Location coordinator, Action Committee member & Investigator


Dean works hard at finding new locations to investigate. Under the direction of Tim, our locations manager, dean spends a lot of time writing letters, emails and calling potential new locations. Dean is responsible for the north side of Birmingham & its surrounding areas.



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Kay Pratt - Vice Secretary/Assistant Historical Researcher & Investigator


Kay works alongside Jean as our assistant researcher and vice secretary. Together they collate information to corroborate and verify information about locations and instances in time for a given investigation. Kay also helps with the day to day running of the admin and group news letters.

Melanie Starkey - Investigator


Melanie is one of the newer members of Midland Paranormal Investigations and has attended some of our most recent investigations. Melanie is currently learning about how the team works and the equipment that we use.



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Email: - Midland Paranormal Investigations
Email: - Midland Paranormal Investigations
Email: - Midland Paranormal Investigations